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We provide our members with access to the following services in a cost effective manner:

  • Focused and Effective Management Training and Development.
  • Up to Date, Relevant and Topical Management Information.
  • Opportunities for Sharing Ideas and Concerns for Networking.
  • Professional Management Advice and Support.


From the outset, the MIM has been pivotal in the management development field. The institute offers and administers a wide spectrum of management educational programmes; ranging from one day seminars to longer, qualification courses for all levels. The persistence and hard work over the years since inception has built up a solid reputation for The MIM and today we are recognised as the undisputed, leading business and management educational facility in Malta.

The MIM provides real benefits to its members by offering a blend of unparalleled experience in management business practices in Malta and internationally. Coupled with state of the art teaching methods, groundbreaking development tools and an ever increasing portfolio of benefits, the MIM provides a real competitive advantage to its members and the management profession in general. Furthermore, we ensure that participation in any of the institutes activities, seminars, courses, events and activities have the real potential to maximise our members’ business opportunities.

Benefits of Membership

Classes of Membership

  • Fellows
  • Honorary Members
  • Members
  • Associate Members
  • Affiliates
  • Student Affiliate Members
  • Corporate Members

 These various membership classes have been designed with the scope of welcoming a wider range of business professionals into the MIM fold, who are proficient in management practices and possessing suitable academic qualifications in their respective areas of specialisation.

All our membership classes offer the right to attend any general meeting, social events or functions organised from time to time by the institute at its premises. The institute’s resource centre is open to all membership classes who will also receive MIM publications. Each membership class comes with its own set of rights and privileges according to the statute and by-laws.

These are just some of the benefits that come with enrolment as a member with MIM:

  • Membership certification and post nominal titles
  • Networking events
  • Round-table discussions
  • CPD scheme
  • Educational courses and programs
  • Seminars and conferences
  • MIM publications
  • Annual general meetings

 One can apply to become a member of MIM online by filling in the application form and submitting payment. After the primary application is processed our Membership executive will contact you to fill in a more detailed application form which is then vetted by the board before a membership grade given.

If you need more information about the membership scheme, please send us an email on

Become a Member

Become a Member now online by filling in the application form.

After the application is processed you will be given a membership grade.
The first year’s membership fee is €65 for individual.
Corporate membership:

Bronze €200 •   Silver €500   •   Platinum €625

Kindly note that the above amount includes the one time registration fee.
If you need more information about the membership scheme please email


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