Master in Business Administration (MBA)

Edinburgh Business School MBA / MBA Specialism

More people from more countries study our MBA than any other. Across the globe, students are drawn by its academic rigour, its intellectual challenge and its ability to greatly enhance their career prospects.

They’re also drawn by its sheer flexibility; no other MBA programme gives you as much freedom. You can study the subjects you want, in the order you wish.
You can begin and end whenever you choose.
You can study on-campus, at home or with one of our Learning Partners across the globe.

Our MBA programme covers key management disciplines, including people skills, economics, marketing, accounting, finance, strategic planning and project management.
To achieve your MBA you must pass seven core courses and two electives from a choice of 40 courses.

All the programmes are modular and can be tackled course by course whenever you are ready for them. You will, of course, benefit from the full support throughout. All students receive the following:

–  Comprehensive course text
–  Interactive course website
–  Web access to Faculty
–  Full use of the EBS Student Portal to administer your programme
–  Optional contact with fellow students

You are also provided with all you require to prepare for exams. There are no additional reading lists or compulsory residentials.


A student is expected to have a recognized first or second class honours degree, or equivalent professional qualification.  But for those who do not, entry can still be gained by purchasing and passing three MBA courses (one of them being core) at which time you will be eligible to receive the Postgraduate Certificate in Business Administration, after you need to complete six more modules in order to obtain the full MBA/MSc. 

 The Standard MBA and MSc Programmes each consist of 9 modules (7 cores and 2 electives). The Specialist MBA consists of 11 modules (7 cores and 4 electives).

Students also have access to specific online material, amongst which are self-assessment test, FAQs and correspondence with EBS Staff.

 All programmes are assessed by a 3hr written examination in Malta, there are no additional assessment such as reports, assignments or thesis. Even though EBS programmes have no official timeframes for completion, an average student takes 2-4 years to complete the Masters programme on a part time basis.

 Please note that all EBS Programme are internationally recognised and fall under NQF level 7 Postgraduate programmes.

 Full details are found on EBS website

Registration process for EBS:

1) Student Registration Form
2) Course Purchase Form
3) CV
4) ID card copy / Passport copy
5) Passport photo scanned copy
6) Degree Certificates / Transcripts

MIM Membership Registration:

1) MIM Individual Membership Form

2) Passport photo

Fee Structure:

Payable to MIM per Module: €1000*

*This can vary due to offers we might have at the time of registering for the module or rate of exchange.

In addition to the above cost, you also need to take into account the following:

Courier Delivery of Book – €35 (if applicable)

Annual Membership Fee during Programme – €65

Payable directly to EBS per Module: Exam Registration – £160

For further details kindly contact